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A few people have a ton of gum tissue that can be seen at whatever point they giggle or smile. This is known as a “gummy smile”.

  2. Gummy smile can be corrected by a few dental techniques.
  4. At the point when you’re prepared, consult with the best dental clinic in pudhucherry.
  6. We Panacee Dental Clinic are here to determine the cause and possible remedy.
  8. Gummy smile happens when the gums seem to hang over the teeth.
  10. An overall general guideline says that gums that broaden more than one-eighth of an inch are viewed as gummy.

Different reasons for Gummy Smile

The ideal grin (as characterized on an individual premise) is one that is even. A gummy smile is the after effect of an unevenness some place in the mouth. By and large, here are the six reasons for a gummy smile:

  • Overabundance gum tissue covering the teeth
  • Having worn-out teeth
  • Having a high lip line
  • Hyperactive lip lift muscle
  • Certain hereditary conditions influencing the jaw
  • Adjusted uninvolved emission

Alternatives for treatment:

The initial move toward treating a sticky grin is to recognize the reason; as noted above, since the reason may shift. It additionally relies upon the seriousness of the issue. A couple of normal medicines are as per the following:

• Lip repositioning
• Gingival contouring
• Laser treatment
• Braces
• Surgery
To examine the most ideal alternatives to fix your gummy smile, you ought to address our dental specialist today at Panacee Dental Clinic in Puducherry.