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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

There is a new revolution in Dentistry known as “Green dentistry” or “eco-friendly dentistry”. The Eco-Dentistry Association defines Green dentistry (Eco-dentistry) as a practice that is an environmentally friendly way of implementing dentistry protocols by using techniques and equipment to reduce waste, conserve energy, decrease pollution and reduce our carbon footprint. Aside from helping to protect the environment, going green can also help save money and time.

Conservation of Energy

‘Om Bhaanve Namaha’ means ‘One who brings light’ – Pancee Dental Clinic Pondicherry shows a gratitude to the sun for giving us light and making life possible on Earth by conserving the energy we obtain from the Sun using Solar panels to generate electricity to aid in the functioning of all our equipments, thus promoting and producing Sustainable Energy. In essence, it means that we worship the sun for giving us light.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Mercury Free Clinic! Here at Pancee Dental Clinic Pondicherry, we offer you a mercury free clinic where no more amalgam fillings containing mercury, leading to toxicity to both patients and the environment are consequential. Instead eco-friendly and aesthetic options like dental composites are only used for all restorations.

Zirconia dental crowns are another option for going green in our dental practice. These are metal-free dental crowns, thus yielding absolute aesthetic and highly coveted biocompatibility with the bone and the gums.

Waste reduction

Switching to paper drinking cups, single-use cloth patient bibs, single use patient disposables, that is the way we go in Pancee Dental Clinic Pondicherry. Water conservation is also implemented by ensuring dental tools are washed and cleaned meticulously only with filtered water, ensuring no damage to the tools are made whilst reducing the maintenance required, and using as less water as possible while doing the same.

Digital Dentistry Protocols

We have keenly implemented this in our practice from digital x-rays to updating patient details using the digital platforms and a software unique to our practice, thus enabling the conversion to paper-free environments that include digitizing billing, patient data, and appointment reminders.

Patient-centric, minimally invasive, and earth-friendly, green dentistry practices have the right idea about keeping people healthy while being acutely aware of the carbon footprint they leave as a consequence.