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Dental Problems in Kids


1.Tooth decay : Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood conditions across the world.

A decaying tooth is caused by certain types of bacteria that live and thrive in the mouth. A sticky,film-like buildup of bacteria called plaque perpetually accumulates on teeth.If exposed to right kind of food,plaque will produce acids and eat away tooth’s enamel.

Try to limit the consumption of sugary food,cookes starches,soda and fruit juice.

  1. Bad breath: Bad breath is also known as Halitosis.It can affect anyone regardless of age.Chronic bad breath in children could indicate a deeper root issue than eating stinky food.

Halitosis is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth.

  1. Sensitive teeth: Another common childhood problem is sensitive teeth.If hot or cold food and fluids cause your child irritation,they may have sensitive teeth.

To combat sensitive teeth,dentists can apply a sealant to the teeth,strengthening the enamel and filling any cracks.

  1. Gum disease : Gum disease or Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum tissue. It’s often caused by poor oral and dental hygiene and plaque build up,and it can progress into bone damage and tooth loss.

During the early stages of gingivitis,a child’s gums are often swollen and red and they recede from the teeth and bleed easily after flossing.

  1. Grinding: Also known as Bruxism,teeth grinding is a common condition among school aged children.Sometimes a child develops bruxism because their top teeth are not aligned with their bottom teeth.


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