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The KaVo dental chairs at Pancee Dental Clinic Pondicherry​are fully functional and equipped with all necessary dental accessories making them unique and efficient. Each operatory is well endowed with individual radiographic equipment that is, the RVG software. Each dental unit is hygienically maintained by following rigid sterilization protocols at all times with meticulous surface disinfection and using disposables for individual patients.

The KaVo dental chair, imported from Brazil, furnishes our dental operatories making them comfortable. In addition to its silent and smooth movement, it will make you feel relaxed during your course of treatment at Pancee Dental Clinic Pondicherry.

Our dental chair are designed to cater to all physically challenged patients, patients of all sizes as well as age groups.

The disinfection of the internal tubing and use of an autoclave for dental drills (Handpieces) and tips ensures safety from cross contamination where swabs are taken intermittently, for culture to check for pathogen colonization.

Variable light intensities are available for varying types of dental treatments and our clientele are provided protective eyewear during the course of each treatment.